The Ultimate Makeup Guide for Beginner

The Ultimate Makeup Guide for Beginner

The Ultimate Makeup Guide for Beginner

If you ever stepped into the Sephora or Ultra Beauty and was feeling slightly exhausted by the hundreds of beauty products on special offer, we absolutely get it. Even for licensed beauty junkies, it can be a bit confusing trying to make the decision what products you need, and how they are going to up your makeup game. We have therefore decided it was time to take it back to the basics, particularly for makeup beginners, and clarify the purpose of each product, from a concealer and foundation to a primer or contour. Here is the ultimate makeup guide for beginners:

Complexion Products 

Foundation: Foundation is specifically designed to smooth out and even out your complexion. Exposure is the most important thing to think about; light coverage makes a thin veil and is perfect for those who love a natural look or like freckles to show beyond your makeup, while full-coverage foundation manages to have a deeper texture and is ideal if you want a product that will cover acne, pigmentation or acne scars. Find out our favorite foundations here.

Concealer: Concealer may be used to illuminate the under-eye and hide dark circles, cover blemishes or marks, and even help out contour and snatch the face. Concealers typically come in a medium to full coverage formula and can have a matte, dewy or radiant finish. Check out our go-to concealers.

Primer: A primer is intended to create an even base for makeup application. It will help out your makeup last more time and depending on the primer, it can assist you reduce the appearance of pores, balance redness, moisturize your skin, and even protect the skin from free radicals. Different primers also have different finishes; like matte or dewy, to cater to your skin type. Check out our guide to finding your perfect primer here. Primer should be applied after your skincare routine and SPF.

Highlighter: Highlighters will be used to highlight the high points of the face, providing it a glowing, dewy finish. It is normally a shimmery formula that comes in either powder, cream, or liquid form.

Bronzer: The Bronze warms up the face and creates the illusion of a Sunkissed glow. Even Though similar to contour, bronzer has warm undertones, and it is usually more natural-looking. Dust bronzer through your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and forehead.

Contour: Contour is used to create shadows on the face, which will help to sculpt and chisel your features. Powder is fast and easy for the beginner whilst liquid and crème formulas are wonderful for adding up a more natural contour. You can also layer products; so that you can start with a cream contour and finish with powder. Contour formulas tend to have a cool, brownish-greyish undertone to create the illusion of shadow. Typical areas you would contour are your cheekbones, nose, and forehead.

Setting Powder: Setting powder is either translucent (has no color) or it could be a skin-tone-colored powder which is applied on top of foundation to “set” your makeup in place so that it doesn’t seem inconsistent throughout the day. Various formulas may be used to brighten, mattify, or control oil. Setting powder can also be used to ‘bake‘ the under eyes, which gives a brightening finish and sets concealer so that it doesn’t crease.

Blush: Blush will be used to add color to your cheeks, for a sexy, glowing look. You can select from cream, powder, and a liquid, even though powder is the most straightforward to use, and it should be applied after foundation and powder.

Brow Products

Brow Pencil: A brow pencil is perfect for mimicking actual hairs and forming the natural brow. The better the tip, the more accurate you can be. Pencil formulas come in a classic pencil format or they could be made in a waxy formula that has an excellent nib that makes application more easy. Our entire favorite brow product is the double ended Brow Blade by Urban Decay, which has an ink-nib that can be used to create super precise hair strokes, and a fine-tipped wax formula.

Brow Powder: A brow powder will be used to fill out your brows to provide the look of fuller, thicker brows. It’s good for filling in sparse areas and giving a natural finish.

Brow Pomade: A pomade is a waxy formula and provides a more well-defined, dramatic brow, at the same time the formula also helps to maintain the brows in place. It often comes in a tiny pot and must be applied with a small, angled brush.

Brow Gel: A brow gel is commonly used to maintain unruly brows in place, but at the same time some brow gels are tinted to add definition and thickness to your brows, like the Dulce Bonito’s Brow Gel, USD37.

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Eye Makeup

Eyeshadow: An eyeshadow is a colored powder, and that can be a matte, shimmering, glittery or duo-chrome. The most significant thing to consider when purchasing a new eyeshadow is the pigment-payoff, which basically means how bold the color appears. The more pigmented it is, the less product you will need to use, but the more you will need to blend.

Liquid eyeliner: A liquid liner provides a highly pigmented liquid formula via a felt tip applicator or a small brush. The more accurate the applicator and the more fluid the formula, the easier it is to apply.

Gel liner: A gel liner comes in a small pot and needs to be applied with a small, angled brush. The creamy formula is typically longer wearing than a liquid liner, however, it can be more difficult to apply.

Pencil liner: This is a smooth pencil and often comes in a ton of colors; from black and to every color under the rainbow. Pencil liners do not normally give plenty of precision, but they are great for the lower lash line. We like to use a beige or white pencil liner on the waterline of the lower lashes to open up the eyes and make them appear bigger.

Mascara: Mascara will give the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes and you can opt for a normal or waterproof formula. Plastic wands will help to separate and lengthen the lashes and natural bristle brushes help to thicken and add more drama.

Eyeshadow primer: An eyeshadow primer will create an even base for eyeshadow application and will help the color pop all day long.

Liquid eyeshadow: A liquid eyeshadow is a super long-wearing eyeshadow that applies like a liquid but sets to a powder finish. Liquid shadows tend to last longer and can even be water-resistant.

Lip Products

Liquid lipstick: A fluid formula often goes in a tube and will be applied with a doe-foot applicator, which will make the lining and shaping the lips easier. The formula often dries within a minute or two and sets to a matte finish. Liquid lipsticks typically last much longer than a classic lipstick; around a few hours.

Lipstick: Lipstick comes in a bullet-shaped format, and typically has a creamy formula. Lipsticks can be sheer or full-coverage and can have a matte or shiny finish.

Lip gloss: A liquid formula with intense shine; it can be coloured, clear or shimmery, and some formulas also have a plumping effect.

Lip liner: A lip pencil is used to line your lips to prevent your lipstick from bleeding. It can also be used to contour your lips to give the appearance of a fuller pout, and it also helps your lipstick to last longer. Using a lip liner before lipstick also helps to shape the lips and make lipstick application easier.

We hope you found this useful if you are new to makeup! What kind of makeup tips do you want us to write about next? Let us know in the comments below.



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  • Nency Joe

    When it comes to serving face, we have got you covered. Whether you have a favorite brand or need help finding the perfect match, Dulce Bonito is your Number 1 destination for everything beauty.

    If you are looking for the best makeup (and we know you are), a good place to start is with our bestsellers. Read thousands of reviews from fellow makeup-lovers and find top-rated products for your beauty routine. If you are still having a hard time finding the perfect product, check out our buying guides and quizzes or consult millions of users in our Dulce Bonito’s Community.
    Make sure you have a solid foundation with the perfect primer – this will ensure that the rest of your face makeup goes on smoothly and lasts longer. Next, it is time for concealer. If you need just the right shade, refer to our Color IQ to make sure everything matches up. Color IQ can also help you find the best foundation shade for your coverage needs. Some of the most popular foundation brands include Lancôme, Dior etc.
    Add some color with a contour palette. Start with a darker, matte shade that simulates a shadowed-look and enunciates your cheekbones. Next, add some warmth with a bronzer in a C-shape along your hairline. Finally, apply blush for that perfect rosy look. Some of the best face palette brands.
    Whether you want a natural or dramatic look can depend heavily on your eye makeup. For a natural look, stick to mascara, an exceptionally light eyeshadow (if any) and a boy brow. Make sure to get a good lengthening and volumizing mascara for extra lash definition. For a dramatic look, the options are endless. You will definitely need some liquid eyeliner, the perfect palette and all of the brushes necessary to get started. Try some of the top eye makeup brands like Urban Decay, KVD Vegan Beauty and Too Faced.

    Last, but not least — do not forgot those lips! A more subdued look may only require some lip gloss or a shade that is closer to your skin tone. For fuller looking lips, make use of the right lip liner and some plumping gloss. You can always make your lips stand out with a bold shade in whatever finish suits your look, whether it be glossy or matte. A couple of our favorite brands are Huda Beauty and Buxom.
    If you are looking for organic makeup, we also have a wide variety with Clean at Sephora. And – do not forget – you can find ALL of these beauty products in our own stunning Dulce Bonito Collection.

    Interested in learning how to achieve a certain makeup look? Check out our makeup classes or makeup events to see if there are any available at a Dulce Bonito location near you!

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