Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant 24Hrs-Moisture Cream

Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant 24Hrs-Moisture Cream

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Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant 24Hrs-Moisture Cream.

We’ve all heard the old adage that you should drink eight glasses of water per day to be hydrated, but what about your skin? Your skin, too, is yearning for moisture. In fact, a lack of moisture could be to blame for your skin’s lackluster appearance. Our DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant 24H-Moisture Creme, on the other hand, is ready to hydrate your skin. Apply the light cream to your skin for an instant moisture boost that lasts up to 24 hours. Not only that, but you’ll also get anti-oxidant and UV protection—a it’s win-win situation for your skin!


Don’t forget about your eyes now that your face has been refreshed! Reach for our Eye Cooling Anti-Oxidant Moisture Cream when your eyes need a wake-up call. Not only will you benefit from DayWear’s Super Anti-Oxidant Complex, but the cucumber-extract-infused product will also leave your skin feeling exceptionally refreshed. Another advantage: brighter, less swollen eyes.

Remember to keep both in the fridge for an extra soothing treat for your tired skin. Now it’s time to drink!

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