Signs of Eye Aging and solution by Dulce Bonito

Signs of Eye Aging and by dulce Bonito cosmetcs

Signs of Eye Aging and solution by Dulce Bonito

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Signs of Eye Aging and solution. When it comes to skincare, we believe in keeping our eyes on the prize by practicing healthy habits such as getting enough of beauty sleep, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding the sun. But did you realize that even seemingly innocuous actions—or even automatic reactions—can wreak havoc on the delicate eye area? These eye micromovements, such as continuous blinking, squinting, and smiling, can stretch and strain thin eye skin, according to our findings. And, over time, the dynamic lines created by these motions may settle in as a permanent wrinkle.


We’re not hating on wrinkles any longer; those laugh lines are evidence of a life well-lived. But, just as our bodies require water and sleep to perform at their best, the delicate eye area requires special attention.

Then observe how Night-Eyes Concentrate helps to soften and fortify by acting as a “shock absorber.” What is the prize? Eyes that are radiant, robust, and well-nourished so that they can continue to live their best lives.

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