Best Canadian outerwear brands


Best Canadian outerwear brands

 Best Canadian outerwear brands: DulceBonito
Best Canadian outerwear brands DulceBonito

Best Canadian outerwear brands


Leading Canadian brands for outdoor apparel, The following is a list of notable Canadians who currently or previously work in the fashion industry.

The world’s most famous outerwear brands

The world’s most famous outerwear brands are:

  • Denim jackets. These are the classic, no-nonsense styles that you can wear to work and then go out with your friends after work. They’re versatile—you can dress them up or down depending on what you’re doing—and they have great pockets for all your stuff!
  • Dulcebonito Leather jacket. This is one of my favorite Canadian outerwear brands because it combines vintage design elements with modern technology like Gore-Tex® membrane and waterproofing Gore-Tex® fabric! You’ll love how soft it feels against your skin when you put on this jacket in the morning before hitting the streets for adventure day activities like hiking or skiing down mountainside slopes!
  • Propper Military Style Jacket by Carharts Canada Ltd., based out of Toronto (Canada). If you need something that’s both stylish but also functional while protecting against harsh weather conditions during outdoor adventures then look no further than these jackets which come complete with adjustable chest straps so they fit perfectly no matter how tall/short/athletic etcetera

Denim jackets – Premium cold-weather gear from Canada

Denim jackets are a classic style, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Denim jackets come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find one that suits you perfectly. The most popular brands include:

  • Levi’s – This brand has been around since 1873, when it was founded by Jacob Davis Sr., who also invented denim jeans. Today they make everything from jeans to button-down shirts to leather accessories like wallets or belts (they even sell their own line).
  • Red Wing Shoes – These boots have been making shoes since 1905 when they were founded by Danish immigrants named Carl Aarhus and Peter Christensen. They offer more than 400 different styles ranging from work boots to trail runners; however all Red Wings feature their famous “Red Wing Heritage Last” which ensures the fit stays true through years of wear without having to replace them every season!

Dulcebonito Leather jacket – Best Canadian clothing brands for outdoor enthusiasts

Dulcebonito is a Canadian brand that specializes in leather jackets. They’re known for their high-end, quality products and have been selling since 2013.

Dulcebonito’s leather jackets are made from top-quality leather and come in a variety of styles: casual, formal or business. Their designs are sleek and modern while still maintaining an old-school feel—they’re perfect for those looking to add some flair to their wardrobe without sacrificing comfort or style!


Propper is a Canadian company that offers a wide range of quality products. It’s known for its high-quality products and customer service, which are both very important in this industry.

The brand has been around for decades, so you can be sure that they have plenty of experience and expertise under their belts. They’ve also got some great deals if you’re looking to buy online or in-store!


Carharts is a Canadian company that makes high quality outdoor gear for men and women. They offer jackets, pants, shoes and accessories from their online store or through their bricks-and-mortar stores in Canada.

Carharts has been around since 1968 when they started out as a small family business making work clothes for miners in the northern parts of British Columbia. Today they have become one of the largest suppliers of outerwear across North America thanks to their commitment to quality materials and craftsmanship combined with innovative features such as waterproof membranes on every jacket so you can enjoy your time outdoors no matter what weather brings!

Brasher Park

Brasher Park was founded in 1949, and it’s known for its high quality outerwear. The company has been around since then, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to making stylish clothing.

Brasher Park has a wide range of styles available from their website or store locations near you!

Fjallraven Canada

Fjallraven is a Swedish brand of outdoor clothing that is one of the most famous brands in the world. The company was founded by Per-Arne Gustafson and his wife, Åsa Sjöblom, in 1975 and has since become known for its durable and quality clothing.

Fjallraven Canada is an official Canadian retailer for Fjallraven products. The company sells a variety of items from outerwear to backpacks to bags, but its most popular item by far is its backpacks made from durable waxed cotton canvas material with many different styles available including messenger style packs which are perfect for students or commuters looking for something stylish yet functional at work or school (or anywhere else).

The North Face

The North Face is one of the most famous brands in Canada and all around the world. The company was founded by Doug Tompkins and his brother, Jim, in 1966. Since then, it has become an international leader in outdoor gear, including clothing, shoes and accessories.

The North Face’s focus on technical innovation combined with its commitment to environmental responsibility has made it a go-to choice for serious athletes who need durable yet stylish clothing that can stand up to extreme conditions such as cold weather or rain showers while still looking good!


Arc’teryx is a Canadian company that makes high-quality outdoor gear. It’s known for its commitment to innovation and quality, which has helped it become one of the most popular brands in Canada and the United States.

Arc’teryx was founded by Arcteryx founder Gary working out of his basement back in 1979 when he began designing innovative suits that were lightweight but still durable enough for serious athletes like skiers, snowboarders, climbers and mountaineers. Today Arc’teryx offers everything from outerwear to waterproof boots to sleeping bags!

Montbell Canada

Montbell Canada is a Canadian company, but it’s also a subsidiary of Montbell U.S.A., which is owned by the Japanese company Montbell International. The original brand was founded in 1960, and the first stores opened in 1971; since then it has expanded to more than 300 stores across North America (and counting).

Montbell Canada offers a wide range of outerwear options for men and women; they have jackets made from technical fabrics like Gore-Tex or Primaloft insulation with waterproof zippers or membranes so you can keep dry even when it rains heavily—or snow falls! These jackets come in sizes ranging from XS through 3XL so there’s something for everyone who wants something stylish yet functional at affordable prices too!

Marmot Canada

Marmot Canada is a Canadian company that makes outdoor clothing and gear. It was founded in 1969 by Frank Marmot, who wanted to create high-quality, comfortable and durable products for the mountain-climbing community.

Today, Marmot Canada is one of the leaders in this industry as well as being known for its quality, comfort and durability.

Dickies Canada

When it comes to outerwear, Dickies Canada is a name that everyone should know. The brand was founded in 1946 and has grown to become one of the most well-known workwear brands in North America. They offer an extensive range of products, from work pants and jackets to rain gear and vests.

In addition to their workwear line, Dickies also makes jeans for men and women alike—and they’re all made in Canada! While other companies may claim to have “Canadian” jeans on their website or at retail stores across North America (with no mention whatsoever about where those jeans were actually made), only Dickies has been known for decades as being based here at home.

Peak Performance Canada

Peak Performance Canada is a Canadian company that makes outdoor clothing. Founded in 1991, it’s been a popular brand for over 20 years. Peak Performance Canada has been a popular brand in Canada since its inception and continues to be so today.

CAMP Canada

CAMP Canada is a Canadian company that makes outdoor gear. It was founded in 1979, and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. CAMP Canada is privately owned and does not have any investors or shareholders.

Here are some famous outerwear brands that all Canadians should know about.

You might be wondering what makes a brand Canadian and a brand popular in Canada. Luckily, I’ve got some answers for you!

  • The brands are famous

Canadian companies are always on top of their game, so it shouldn’t surprise you that many of them have been around for decades. Some examples include Lululemon, Roots Canada and Tommy Hilfiger Co., which was founded by American entrepreneur Tommy Hilfiger in 1988. They’re all great examples of Canadian success stories!

  • The brands are Canadian

It’s not just about being successful; it’s also important to keep supporting local businesses with their own unique culture and identity—and no one does this better than Canadians themselves!



Section: Here’s what Canada’s top outdoor brands have to say about their home country.

Takeaway: Canadians are passionate about our beautiful and diverse outdoors. We all have a relationship with the outdoors, whether it be the time we spend outside, or the products we use while out there. A strong Canadian brand is one that has been around for many years, and understands Canadian customers in all demographics. These brands truly care about the Canadian outdoors community, and will consider any aspect of their product lines to cater specifically to that group – sometimes even beyond who they sell to. The next time you’re looking for a product from any of these companies, remember that Canada is behind all of them! And don’t forget to tell us which ones you think are best!

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Section: Why I want this award / why I’m so proud of my company / why I’m nicknamed: “Canada’s Leatherman”

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Outline: how North Face was founded by Doug Tompkins (a passionate traveller) out in Aspen Colorado in 1972; how they’ve grown into one of our most famous outerwear brands (the world needs more awesome wilderness gear) ; how they claim they can’t wear leather because it gets too warm at high altitude; why they started The North Face Foundation; L’Oreal Ffrench President Mary DeTurck Talks About How She Gets Her Motivation To Help Kids In Africa At What she calls “The Last Summit,” and much more! Takeaway: if you’re just starting your own business or if you’re an existing business owner, I highly recommend checking out this award interview video on The North Face Canada YouTube channel . It covers some very important topics including building your own brand from scratch , having great customer service , being environmentally conscious , spending money on getting

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